This is the SOUL CUFF  Beanie custom made by BRANDED. using their unique “dembossing” technique. The Cuff Beanie is made of high bulk acrylic. It's versatile enough to be used for both everyday wear and colder weather.

• 100% High Bulk Acrylic
• Short Beanie
• Fitting Type: Snug Fit


NaturalHome madeNutritiousVibrant FlavorShelf Stable

Light & Crispy

Our flavors have not been featured in granola! We have a very distinct texture that is light and crispy vs hard and crunchy. 

Soul Food Healthy

Our flavors are rooted in flavors that are commonly found in soul food dishes, but healthier! Our flavors are unique and culturally inclusive.

Women & BIPOC Owned

We aim to liven up and diversify the granola industry by exploring the vibrant spices, seasoning and flavors of the Black diaspora and more!
light and crispy ∘ infused with soul ∘ healthy ∘ nourished by diversity ∘

Delicious & Versatile

Yoghurt bowls to salad enhancer