Co-creator of Soul Grain.

BA in Psychology, MS in Nutrition and Functional Medicine, Brain Health Coach.

Hello ! My name is Liza, co-creator of SOUL GRAIN. So excited to bring to you this innovative granola! I have a MS in Nutrition and Functional Medicine, a BA in Psychology and many certifications including Dr. Amen Brain Health Coach certification, and I am very passionate about the purpose each foods has on our bodies and mental health. I am known to pursue all of my passions, as we all should! Brain health, self-care and nutrition are definitely top 3 and I am so lucky to be able to explore all 3 within SOUL GRAIN. Looking forward to connecting with all of you and getting feedback on all 5 flavors! SOUL GRAIN is a company dedicated to diversity, equity and inclusion. I am a proud mom of 3 amazing humans!

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